2020 - 2021

ByLaws Committee

  • Nicole Lara Miller, MD (Committee Chair)
  • S. Duke Herrell, III, MD, FACS (Secretary)
  • John G. Pattaras, MD, FACS (Committee Member)
  • James Douglas Quarles, Jr., MD, MS (Committee Member)
  • Alexander W. Ramsay, MD (Committee Member)
  • Ryan P. Terlecki, MD, FACS (Committee Member)

Committee on Education and Science

  • Chad W.M. Ritenour, MD (Committee Chair)
  • Wesley Mathew White, MD (Committee Member - Imaging)
  • David F. Penson, MD, MPH (Committee Member - Montague Boyd Essay)
  • To Be Determined (Committee Member - Residents)
  • Thomas James Polascik, MD, FACS (Committee Member - Videos)
  • Aaron C. Lentz, MD, FACS (Young Urologists Representative)
  • David D. Thiel, MD (Member At Large)
  • To Be Determined (Member At Large)

Finance Committee

  • Stephen B. Riggs, MD, FACS (Committee Chair)
  • Lorie G. Fleck, MD (Treasurer)
  • Ali Kasraeian, MD, FACS (Committee Member)
  • John M. Lacy, MD (Committee Member)
  • Joshua A. Perkel, MD (Committee Member)
  • Bradley Wells Steele, MD (Committee Member)

Health Policy Council

  • Jonathan Henderson, MD (Committee Chair)
  • Lorie G. Fleck, MD (Alabama Alternate Representative)
  • Brian E Richardson, MD (Alabama Representative)
  • Terrence Christopher Regan, MD (Florida Alternate Representative)
  • Vincent Gerard Bird, MD (Florida Representative)
  • Christopher P. Filson, MD, MS (Georgia Alternate Representative)
  • Thomas Earl Shook, MD, MPH (Georgia Representative)
  • Jason R. Bylund, MD, MPH (Kentucky Alternate Representative)
  • John M. Patterson, MD (Kentucky Representative)
  • Donald Alan Elmajian, MD (Louisiana Alternate Representative)
  • Lester J. Prats, MD (Louisiana Representative)
  • To Be Determined (Mississippi Alternate Representative)
  • Charles Robert Moore, MD (Mississippi Representative)
  • Matthew Edward Nielsen, MD, MS, FACS (North Carolina Alternate Representative)
  • Steve James Hodges, MD (North Carolina Representative)
  • Elias Bodden, Sr., MD (Panama Alternate Representative)
  • Tristan Pinzon, MD (Panama Representative)
  • Ricardo F. Sanchez-Ortiz, MD, FACS (Puerto Rico Alternate Representative)
  • Gilberto Ruiz-Deya, MD (Puerto Rico Representative)
  • W. Patrick Springhart, MD (South Carolina Alternate Representative)
  • Ross Alan Rames, MD (South Carolina Representative)
  • Cary W. Stimson, Jr., MD, JD (Tennessee Alternate Representative)
  • Matthew Jason Resnick, MD, MPH (Tennessee Representative)
  • Terrence Christopher Regan, MD (Vice Chair)
  • Martin K. Dineen, MD, FACS (Consultant)

Membership Committee

  • Rolando Rivera, MD, FACS (Committee Chair)
  • Katie Nicole Ballert, MD (Committee Member)
  • Paul L. Crispen, MD (Committee Member)
  • Thomas James Polascik, MD, FACS (Committee Member)
  • John Patrick Selph, MD (Committee Member)
  • Thomas Brian Willard, MD (Committee Member)

Nominating Committee

  • Jerry E. Jackson, MD, FACS (Committee Chair)
  • Peter Earl Clark, MD (Member At Large)
  • Rolando Rivera, MD, FACS (Member At Large)
  • Glenn M. Preminger, MD (Immediate Past President)
  • Scott B. Sellinger, MD, FACS (Past President)

Site Selection Committee

  • Jack M. Amie, MD (Committee Chair)
  • Lorie G. Fleck, MD (Committee Member)
  • S. Duke Herrell, III, MD, FACS (Committee Member)

AUA Board of Directors

  • Raju Thomas, MD, FACS, MHA, FRCS (President Elect)
  • Thomas F. Stringer, MD, FACS (Treasurer-Elect)
  • Martin K. Dineen, MD, FACS (Representative to AUA Board of Directors)
  • Raymond John Leveillee, MD, FRCS-G (Alternate Representative)

AUA Bylaws Committee

  • Rafael E. Carrion, MD (Representative)
  • Nicole Lara Miller, MD (Representative)
  • James Douglas Quarles, Jr., MD, MS (Representative)

AUA Editorial Board Committee

  • Wayne J. G. Hellstrom, MD, FACS (Representative)
  • Nicole Lara Miller, MD (Representative)
  • Ramakrishna Venkatesh, MD, MS, FRCS (Representative)

AUA History Committee

  • Paul W. F. Coughlin, MD, FACS (Representative)

AUA Judicial & Ethics Council

  • Peter Earl Clark, MD (Representative)
  • Gregory F. Murphy, MD, FACS (Representative)
  • Li-Ming Su, MD (Representative)

AUA Practice Management Committee

  • Matthew Jason Resnick, MD, MPH (Representative)

AUA Public Policy Council

  • Vincent Gerard Bird, MD (Representative)
  • Andrew Charles Peterson, MD, MPH, FACS (Representative)
  • Terrence Christopher Regan, MD (Representative)

AUA Research Council

  • Benjamin Kirk Canales, MD, MPH (Representative)
  • Brant Inman, MD, MS (Representative)
  • Sunil Sudarshan, MD (Representative)

AUA Residents and Fellows Committee

  • Daniel Joyce, MD (Representative)

AUA Young Urologist Committee

  • John Patrick Selph, MD (Representative)