Grant Program

The Southeastern Section of the AUA, Inc. understands the importance of humanitarian volunteerism both within the section and abroad. The SESAUA Board of Directors has approved the authorization of up to $20,000 per year for humanitarian volunteerism purposes to be evaluated on an annual basis. These funds will be divided up upon the advice of the Executive Committee.


Eligible candidates include: Southeastern Section of the AUA, Inc. members in good standing.


Applications will be reviewed by the Southeastern Section of the AUA, Inc. Executive Committee based on the merit of the grant proposal along with determining portions of project that can be accommodated by the amount of funding available.  The SESAUA does not guarantee any annual funding and funding is based solely upon the discretion of the SESAUA Executive Committee. Grant Proposals must include involvement with a Southeastern Section member in good standing.


At the completion of the project, awardees must submit a brief project summary for review by SESAUA Executive Committee and for consideration of publication in the SESAUA newsletter. The summary shall include details regarding the project and how it benefitted the community.

Any publication arising from work supported by SESAUA shall acknowledge SESAUA. The acknowledgement should read “This work was supported in part by the Southeastern Section of the AUA, Inc…” Please provide a copy of any resulting publications to SESAUA.


To apply for this award, please include the following items:

  • Completed Grant Proposal Application
  • Grant Proposal – Please include the below elements.  Maximum length: 10 pages
    • A description of the project/program
    • Proposed Budget for the project/program
    • What the SESAUA funds will be used for
    • The SESAUA member that is involved and their level of involvement
    • How the project/program will be beneficial and who will benefit from it

Submission Dates and Application Deadline:

  • Applications will be accepted through June 30th
  • Late submissions will not be reviewed
  • Recipient(s) will be notified of the award by September 15th

Completed grant applications and proposals should be emailed to Samantha Panicola in the SESAUA Executive Office at

Download Grant Proposal Application