International Volunteerism Program

The SESAUA remains committed to promoting experiences in international volunteerism for the section’s residents. We are expanding support for this to include all residency-training programs within the section. The SESAUA will support up to eight (8) residents to participate in the IVUmed program and an additional six (6) residents, at $3,000 each, to participate in other volunteerism opportunities. The following outlines the procedure for this process:

  1. The funding period will begin January 1st and conclude December 31st.
  2. The residency program director will send a description of the proposed international volunteerism experience(s) to Ms. Samantha Florine, SESAUA Executive Director, via email at
  3. The SESAUA International Volunteerism Committee will review the proposals and only those approved by this committee will be eligible to receive funds.
  4. The SESAUA will work directly with IVUmed to provide the funding for residents who have been approved to participate in the IVUmed Scholarship Program.
  5. Residents who are selected to participate in other international volunteerism experiences must submit receipts detailing the expenses for the trip to Ms. Florine for reimbursement.

Please contact Ms. Samantha Florine with any questions or concerns. We sincerely hope that you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.